Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden

Gardening in a Sculpture Park

Many of our visitors praise the construction and maintenance of the sculpture garden. The maintenance, for example pruning 100 palms and 58 mulberry trees, not to mention mowing weeds in the entire garden, is an awful lot of work.

In the beginning we did it all ourselves, but now we, as well as the trees, are more than twenty years older and it is no longer possible. We now have professional help 10 hours a week and on Saturday mornings volunteers regularly come to help us.

Marja has been maintaining the statues for a long time when they have become dirty due to sand rain or the passing of time. In the winter Leoni and Arend come to help with all kinds of necessary garden work. If you also enjoy gardening and would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you.

tuinieren275One of the most important things for a garden in our climate is the water supply. So immediately after aquiring the land we purchased a connection to Benidorm's farm water from the Regantes. This is recycled sewage water.

When we purchased the connection, solids were removed by settling. Now, aeration also largely removes the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). The COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is not treated, this can only be done by using chemicals.

The garden is fitted with a system of tubes with drippers near the plants and trees. There are six groups of those that each operate for an hour. We use approximately 10 m3 of water per day. Because we are using more and more water, but the main tubes have not become thicker, the water pressure at the sprinklers is on the low side, which is why we are now installing thicker tubes.

Many of the trees and plants in the garden have been planted as cuttings or seeds by us. Not just because of the costs but also because watching a tree grow from a seed gives great joy and satisfaction. We raised all of our 58 mulberry trees ourselves from cuttings, which took us five years.

In the photo you see Moringa's in the making. We put the seeds in wet kitchen paper in a closed plastic bag in the sun. They sprout after 10 days.

You are welcome to buy packets of seeds from us. A packet costs 1 euro and Johanna is happy to advise you on how to handle the seeds.

See you in the garden!

We planted many of the plants and trees in the garden as cuttings or seeds ourselves

Holidays in the Garden

First of all, we, the Board of the Klein-Schreuder Foundation, wish all friends of the garden happy holidays. The garden will be open during the holidays at its regular opening hours, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm. This means that we are closed for Christmas and New Year's Day.

paard150We are open on New Year's Eve though and you can still catch the exhibition of three artists in three materials until 6 January. Make a celebration of your New Year's Eve or the day before Christmas, visit the garden and bring your family and acquaintances.

The garden is very attractive in winter as well. There is a chance that you will also meet Leoni and Arend who have been working as volunteers in the garden for many years. You are welcome to sign up as a volunteer on Saturday mornings from 10 am to 12 pm.

On the 4th of February we will open a new exhibition. Ton Spaink will be showing paintings under the covered terrace of the house. His wife Jolande will be exhibiting her work of alabaster, limestone and aerated concrete at the same time. There will also be work by some of her sculpture students.

If there are enough participants (at least 5 students per course) painting lessons will be given by Ton and sculpture lessons by Jolande on Sundays from February 11 to March 24: 'All Round Painting and Sculpture Course'. If you are interested in this, please contact Jolande (e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information.

We have some beautiful climbing plants in the garden, including the pink-purple Amphilophium laxafolia that blooms for a very long time, even today. The Pyrostegia venusta and the Thunbergia grandiflora are just as special.


See you in the garden!

The Board of the Foundation: Johannes Klein, Johanna Schreuder and Manuel Casado Puche.

Sculptures in Stone, Iron and Bronze

Starting 21 October the Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden will exhibit work of three artists, Vicente Pérez Gonzálvez (Spain), Albèr te Brake and Monique Neyzen (both Dutch) in three styles and three materials.

The work of Vicente Pérez is formed by experiences originating from a common source such as nature. His marble and alabaster sculptures show reflections of plant structures and interpretations of the human forms. The symbolic value surpasses the literal meaning.

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Albèr te Brake makes impressive iron sculptures mainly meant for outdoor use. Earlier he worked much with bronze and glass but metal always had his interest. After he moved to Spain this is where his focus lies.

Monique Neyzen creates dynamic bronzes of dancers and of horses, figurative or slightly abstracted. 'Sculptures full of movement that seem to jump of their pedestal.' Their dynamics are enhanced by individually designed iron standards which represent an integral part of her work.

The festive inauguration of the exhibition by Manuel Casado Puche is on Saturday 21 October at 11 am with a tapa, a glass of wine and classical music. The entrance fee is €5. The expo ends on 6 January 2024.

Lastly we'd like to inform you that Leoni LeBonThi and Jolande Spaink will be giving lessons in drawing and sculpturing in the coming year.

See you in the garden, we wish you a nice visit.

Rain in the Garden

Never since the beginning of measurements has it rained as much in the month of May as this year, 170 mm (the annual amount varies from 300 to 600 mm). In the garden the sudden flood is clearly visible, everything grows and blooms like never before. A walk in the garden is a pleasure in all seasons but now the garden is very special.

brachychiton250Our garden is now 25 years old and in those years has literally grown to 3600 individual plants and more than 230 different species. For example, we have many fruit trees that all function well: pomegranate, avocado, mulberry, orange, lemon, mandarin, lychee, quince, apricot, chirimoya, zapota, plum and the cape gooseberry.

The board of the foundation now has a new secretary, his name is Manuel Casado Poche.

In October of this year there will be another temporary exhibition in the garden. It will be a group exhibition by Monique, Alber and Vicente, with sculptures of bronze, iron and marble.

We wish you a pleasant summer, see you in the gardern!

New Year in the Garden

First of all the founders of the Klein-Schreuder Foundation would like to wish all friends of the garden a Happy New Year. The garden is open during the holidays at our usual opening hours, that is Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am till 2 pm. This means that we are open on New Year’s Day.

A visit to the garden is worthwhile in all seasons, even now there are trees in bloom such as the Erythrina caffra and plants such as the Pyrostegia venusta and the Thunbergia grandiflora in the pergola.

In addition, we are extending the beautiful exhibition of sculptures by Antonio Imbernón and David Romero until January 15. We are also thinking about a new exhibition and are looking for new artists. Do you have a tip or an idea? Let us hear it!

Furthermore, we would like to say many thanks to our invaluable volunteers, among them our webmaster Willy Verwoerd, who has been taking care of our web and newsletters so professionally for many years.

Make a celebration of your New Year’s Day, visit the garden and bring your loved ones and your friends.

For information or to arrange a visit to the garden outside the opening hours (also for groups) you can reach us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on (+34) 966 860 230.

See you in the garden!

Johannes Klein and Johanna Schreuder

Imbernón and Vallinas

After a long break due to corona restrictions the Klein-Schreuder Foundation is delighted to invite you to a temporary exhibition in the garden again. This time two artists will be exhibiting, Antonio Imbernón and David Romero Vallinas.

The inauguration party on 6 November at 11 am is accompanied with a glass of wine and a tapa from the house.

ImbernónAntonio Imbernón is a figurative sculptor who seeks the essence. He uses a language in which different levels are shaping and creating the form of the piece he wants to create. He flees from the superfluous and represents what is necessary, without further ado. He synthesizes, but without straying from what he wants to express. Colour is an added value in his work, as it helps to accentuate his message.


David Romero Vallinas known as 'David Art Studio (DAS)' (València, 1973) is a multidisciplinary artist who works and researches on the bicycle as an artistic object. For this, he has developed different projects and different techniques such as oil on canvas, acrylic, collage, engraving or sculpture. It is in sculpture where he has shown more interest in recent years and will now be presenting his works in the garden. He wishes to use the bicycle as a symbol and an icon, to focus on the bike as a means of urban transport for the present and the future.

The sculptures are for sale directly from the artists, the foundation does not take any commission. You can visit the exposition till 1 January and the entrance fee is € 5 as usual.

Christmas Greetings from an Atmospheric Garden

The Board of the Klein-Schreuder Foundation wishes all friends of the sculpture park a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. During the holidays the garden will be open as usual at our regular opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm and other days after prior appointment by e-mail or telephone.

2021 was the second corona year. The garden receives fewer visitors despite the fact that you can effortlessly keep your distance there. The garden looks beautiful as always, an oasis of peace in a turbulent world. With 45 works of art in the permanent collection, a visit to the garden is a treat, although there is no temporary exhibition due to corona.

However, on 2 January, from 10 am to 5 pm, there will be a bioenergética day in the garden, organized by Mónica and Pablo (in Spanish). Including lunch and all activities, this day costs € 75 if you register before 22 December. Click here for full information (PDF).

You can reach us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and by telephone on (+34) 966 860 230 for information and to make an appointment to visit the garden outside the fixed opening hours, for yourself or a group.

See you in the garden!
The Board of the Foundation

Fiesta in the Sculpture Garden

Every year on 16 April, l'Alfàs del Pi commemorates the fact that on this day in 1836 the municipality became independent at the separation from the Barony of Polop. Since 2010, the Premi L'Alfàs is also awarded annually on 16 April. This year the prize goes to Johannes P. Klein and Johanna Schreuder of the Klein-Schreuder Foundation.

"This prize was created to appreciate the heritage of our municipality. On this occasion, we want to recognize the wonderful work that the Klein-Schreuder Foundation is doing to promote culture and art", explained Mayor Vicente Arques.

Both Johannes and Johanna thanked the municipality of l'Alfàs del Pi for presenting this award, "for the trust and dedication they show to our Foundation, which after 20 years of hard work and many investments have enabled us to create the sculpture garden that you can see today."

To celebrate the award ceremony, the municipality organized a festive gathering in the garden with an extensive breakfast and music by a clarinet quartet.

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The founders and the board of the foundation were greatly praised. The garden enjoys regional, but also national and international fame and the contribution to art, culture and tourism are very valuable for the municipality. Recently, the garden was also recognized as one of the ten most beautiful in the Valencian Community.

Finally, the guests took a walk through the garden. The garden was again much praised.

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