Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden

Monique Neyzen: Bronze in Motion

neyzen250On Sunday 8th of April at 11 am, the inauguration of Bronze in Motion will take place in the garden, an exhibition of small sculptures by Monique Neyzen. Movement is the theme in her work and she is fascinated by dancers and horses.

At the inauguration Monique will tell us about her work, while the foundation provides an accompanying glass of wine. Visitors pay the normal entry fee to the garden, i.e. € 5.

Since the first of February it is possible to buy an annual ticket. You pay € 18 for the entry to the garden for yourself and one guest. During a period of one year you can come as often as you please. The guest could be your partner, a family member or your visitor, up to you every visit.

voorjaar18Spring has come to the garden. The buds of the trees that lost their leaves start swelling but those flowering in winter have not yet given up.

We have started mowing again. In the garden the weeds are not sprayed but mowed, so now the area looks like a lawn.

Hoping to see you in the garden!

Christmas Letter

Click to enlargeIn the first place we wish you all a nice Christmas and a happy New Year.

The picture of our shepherd with his sheep and his dog could lead you to believe that he is on his way to Bethlehem. However, we can assure you that they will be at their usual place in the sculpture garden at Christmas time to be viewed by you.

Our temporary exhibition of Teo San José is finished, remaining is his tall work (3.20 m) Salto of a whale, now part of our permanent exposition.

The yearly pruning of the palm trees is almost complete, they look beautiful. Next week it is the turn of the mulberry trees, a gigantic task, we have 59 of them. The oranges are still hanging in their trees, but already have got their orange colour.

jul2017art2For those of you who want to visit the garden on the festive days, the garden is open as usual on Sunday mornings from 10 am to 2 pm and on weekdays after an appointment by phone or e-mail. This is also valid for the Christmas and New Year period.

Effective January 1st 2018 the entrance fee will be increased to 5 euro. We have learned that a low fee makes some people skip a visit to the garden, what costs little cannot be worthwhile!

Finally a sincere ‘thank you’ to all visitors who shared an appraisal of their visit to the garden on Tripadvisor. We are proud to mention that the Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden this year has been awarded Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence for consistently great reviews from our guests.

Johannes Klein and Johanna Schreuder

Teodoro San Aguilar

leap270We are proud to present Teodoro San Aguilar (Valladolid 1958), sculptor, painter, art therapist and writer in our garden.

Today, Teo makes monumental abstract art – in the past he made works of wood and steel. In 2000, Teo was elected to participate in the Biennial Exhibition in Florence and the international press wrote enthusiastically about his work.

He subsequently received an invitation to represent Spain in the Triennial International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Paris, the only Spanish artist to participate.

In the year 2006 something happened that changed Teo's life. He participated in the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy in London, where he exhibited together with Antoni Tapies. The judges chose his Firebird as one of the most important works of the exhibition. Thereafter he began to exhibit all over the United Kingdom, in New York and in Mexico.

We have bought a large pieaguilar150ce of Teo’s work called Leap of the Whale for our permanent collection.

The exhibition runs from the 8th of October until the 19th of November. The festive inauguration with a glass of wine is on the 8th of October at 11 am. The entrance fee is €3, as usual.

Will Coles: Street Art

coles270The last decade has seen the street art phenomenon explode across the world. Uncommissioned installations to some, illegal graffiti to others. Call it what you like, but it is seen as the most democratic art movement ever. From back alleys to up-market city galleries it has changed the way we access art. Names like Banksy, Basquiat and Haring are now major art investments, often worth millions of dollars.

Will Coles is seen as one of the main sculptural street artist provocateurs in the world. He recently moved from Sydney, Australia to Callosa d'en Sarrià (Alicante) and has been "installing" free art in the region and beyond.

His work can also be seen on the streets of Berlin, Hamburg, London, Paris, Barcelona and other major cities in different continents, but is also in major public collections in Australia and Europe. His work is made to be seen, not hidden in commercial galleries. Now that he lives here, he wants to exhibit here.

"The space at the sculpture garden really gives my bigger sculptures room to breathe," Will says. "But even if you can´t come, you can see my less-than-legal sculptures from Alicante to Barcelona."

Will Coles exhibits Street Art in the Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden until the 9th of April. The inauguration with a vino de honor is on the 26th of February at 11 am.

During the exhibition the smaller items can simultaneously be seen in the Fundación Frax in Albir.

Christmas Walk in the Garden

On Sunday December 11th from 12 to 13 p.m. we would like to invite you to a Christmas walk in the garden.

Christmas is the celebration of the light, even when it is dark inside us, the light will shine. A special event of hidden light is the ladder of Jacob which can be seen when the sun acts as a floodlight behind the clouds.

jacobMany artists have interpreted this phenomenon. The bronze statue Jacob's Ladder by Johanna Klein-Schreuder will be shown in the garden this day. During the walk other sculptures can also be viewed.

The Christmas walk will be preceded by a short Christmas meditation whereafter you will have the opportunity to light a candle or lay down any other symbol. After the walk a glass of wine will be served. The entrance is free, a donation will be appreciated.

This Christmas walk is organized in a cooperation between 'ZON Network' and the Klein-Schreuder Foundation. For more information, please contact Irene Godderij, tel. 682 463 744.

More than 3500 Trees and Shrubs

pyrostegiaAgain it is autumn in the garden and again the big autumn rains keep us waiting. But the plants flowering in autumn do not seem too concerned: The Hibiscus in her soft rosé colour, the Pyrostegia venusta in light orange and the Chorisia insignis, a tree with large beige flowers. And last but not least the roses, both bushes and climbers, which revive when the summer heat is over.

This year it is the pergola's turn for a thorough maintenance. After ten years the climbers must either be replaced or cut back very deeply.

chorisiaDuring the last months we made a new inventory of the garden. Twelve years ago we counted 107 different varieties comprising 2060 specimens of individual trees and shrubs. Now we have 231 varieties and a total of 3525 specimens.


Marita Guardia

marita060Currently there is no temporary sculpture exhibition, but the nice weather allows us to show paintings in the garden. Marita A Guardia is a young Spanish artist who from 19th June till 31st July will be showing her art in a summer exhibition called The Colours of Nature.

For more information, please visit her Facebook page.

Puri Martinéz and Marion Geerts

Puri MartinézPuri Martinez and Marion Geerts are together showing their art in the Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden. The title of their exhibition is Transformación.

Puri was eighteen years old when she became interested in ceramics, but it took until she was thirty to decide to devote herself professionally to ceramics. She now has her own workshop and also gives instruction in pottery and decoration of porcelain in her workshop as well as in schools. She makes lovely figures of ceramics herself. In addition, she paints and in Archena many wall paintings of hers can be admired.

Marion GeertsMarion is Dutch but has lived in Spain since 1975. She worked as a guide and specialized in Roman and Carthaginian art. Her interest in art grew and she undertook painting. However, her interest now is mainly in ceramics and she makes wonderful dishes and reliefs.

Both Puri and Marion belong to a group of ceramicists called ‘El Taller’ in Murcia and the group has its own ovens. The art pieces are made of clay and are glazed at high temperatures.

Together they have contributed to many exhibitions in Murcia, both town and province, and in the coming years they intend to expand and further intensify their activities.

The inauguration is Sunday 3 April at 11:00 a.m. with a glass of wine and a piano solo by A. Muñoz de Sus. The entrance fee is € 3.

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