Alejandro Cremades

crem300Alejandro Cremades has named his Onil workshop ‘iron and fire’ (hierro y fuego). He started his career as a blacksmith, but very soon wanted to move on to more artistic work.

Originally iron was forged to beat out contamination from molten iron, hence the name ‘iron and fire’.  Blacksmith artists such as Alejandro Cremades use the process to forge beautiful forms.

The creation of art work using these techniques gives less opportunity for detail and is more exacting than modelling in wax and then casting in iron or bronze. In addition to art works, Alejandro makes stylish gates, fences, railings and windmills that do not mill, but serve purely decorative purposes.

Brenda, Alejandro’s wife, collaborates in all phases of the work.

The exhibition runs from September 28th.