Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden

Autumn 2015

water300Hurrah, we got some rain, although it remains very dry. In a good year the garden gets some 500 to 700 mm of rain, in 2014 it was just 170 mm and in 2015 up till now 100 mm. The mm's are also called litres per square metre.

Fortunately the garden bought a connection to the irrigation system of the ‘Regantes de Benidorm’ already in 1998. We can now use unlimited amounts of recycled purified waste water of Benidorm. We take about 3000 cubic metres per year at a cost of € 270. The garden is automatically watered daily by a computerized system (see photo).

hibis300In autumn there is a lot to see in the garden. The weeds start growing again; we mow them to make them look like a lawn. The roses flower richer because of the autumn rains that will hopefully fall. The Hibiscus rosa-sinensas continues flowering with big beautiful flowers (see photo) and the oranges change colour from green to orange.

The Granados are harvested, just as the small Spanish red peppers, of which we have sufficient for a medium sized town (see photo). The palm trees are pruned, the Washingtonians have already felt the Stanley knife.

So far this year we haven't had a temporary art exhibition in the garden. Artists have become reluctant because very little is sold, however, in the garden there have always been some sales. Moreover we do not require any commission nor do we demand a work to remain with us if there were no sales.

peper250Visits by groups such as garden clubs, art clubs, walking clubs and school classes become increasingly popular. Groups are also welcome on week days. After a slowdown in the hot vacation months the first group visits for September have already been announced. Groups often bring their own coffee or lunch to savour in the open air.

We emphasize that also small groups can visit the garden on week days by prior arrangement through telephone or e-mail.


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