Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden

A Mediterranean Garden in Winter

erythrinaTraditionally we start pruning the roses on the 6th of January. Pruning is not really necessary in a Mediterranean climate, however, if you do not prune, the flowers will be very small. We prune to three to five sturdy branches each with three eyes. The mulberry trees are also pruned in January. We prune them in such a way that we get a nice shade in summer.

January also is the month most suitable for cuttings from certain types of roses, fig trees, bougainvilleas and pomegranate. The garden has been designed in such a way that flowers can be seen every month and in January the Erythrina caffra (see picture) and the Pyrostegia venusta are in bloom.

bougainvilleSince the time that the municipality of Benidorm (where we obtain the waste water for reuse in watering the garden) decided to build a waste water biotreater, this waste water no longer contains sufficient fertilizer and we have to add synthetic fertilizer.

We decided to use magnesium nitrate. Humans and plants use the same protein for their metabolism. In humans it is called haemoglobin, has an iron atom in its centre and facilitates the absorption of oxygen (O2) and the desorption of carbon dioxide (CO2).

In plants it is called chlorophyll, has a magnesium atom in its centre and facilitates the absorption of CO2 and the desorption of O2. The result of this use of fertilizer is fantastic - all the leaves are greener and larger.

You are very welcome to a nice winterwalk in a garden decorated with sculptures. We are open on Sundays from ten to two and on weekdays with an appointment by telephone. solandra

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