The series of giant Styrofoam statues with a patina of marble powder created by Johanna is now complete. The series, Modern Times, is named after a film by Charlie Chaplin made in the 1930s. Modern with a wink! The reaction of visitors who have already seen them was firstly surprise and then a smile. Visitors also find the messenger on a drone amusing.

In addition, we have purchased a third statue from Antonio Imbernón. Unlike the previous two we have of his which are founded in cement, this one, called Hold on, is made of polymer. It has a marble powder patina.

Spring has arrived in the garden. The almond trees that flower on the bare branch have already finished blooming. The fig trees and the Granados have come out; the grapes and the mulberry trees that were pruned in winter are sprouting.

The birds have started preparing for the lay. Nests are built, especially in the Bougainville under the windows of the house where between the spines the cat and the dog need not be feared. Small birds, mainly sparrows, are coming and going. Also the Hoopoe, with his spectacular tuft, is a regular visitor.

Pop star with her model

Antonio Imbernon: Hold on